Voluntary Steward Agreement

In our efforts to bring further harmonization to packaging and printed paper stewardship programs, CSSA has developed a single Voluntary Steward Policy and approval process for its family of packaging and printed paper programs.

Voluntary Steward Agreement
Voluntary Steward Policy

Guidebook for Stewards & Stewards List

A guide to help businesses meet their recycling obligations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Guidebook for Stewards
MMBC Steward List and Change Log
Sector-Specific Reporting Tips

Adjustment Policy

Adjustment Policy
Adjustment Request Form

BC Recycling Regulation

Membership Agreement

2016 Membership Agreement
Membership Agreement Information

To help businesses understand the benefits of the Membership Agreement, MMBC held two webinars to walk businesses through its purpose and contents:

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Reporting Guidance Webinar

MMBC held four information sessions for BC businesses to help them understand their obligations under the BC Recycling Regulation (the Regulation).

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Non-Producer Declaration

If your organization does not meet the definition of steward (producer) under the Regulation, download, sign and return the letter to: This form has nothing to do with the small business exemption – please visit the small business page for more information on small business exemption.

Download the Non-Producer Declaration here

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