Membership Agreement

All members of MMBC’s program, including resident and voluntary stewards, are required to sign a Membership Agreement. Please download a copy of the Membership Agreement below, complete the form, and submit it during the registration process. To register, visit the WeRecycle portal by clicking the link below.

2016 Membership Agreement

Below is the revised Membership Agreement as discussed on the March 3 webinar.

There are only minor changes to the Agreement such as:

  • Voluntary Steward definition standardized
  • Accommodation made for onboarding new stewards to the program (see sections 2.6.3 and 2.6.4)
  • Minor administrative changes (date changes and references to the adjustment policy)
2016 Membership Agreement
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Purpose of the Membership Agreement

The Membership Agreement is a collective agreement that all members sign. By all members signing the same agreement, MMBC is able to maintain a level playing field.

This type of contractual agreement is needed because stewards in BC are required by the Recycling Regulation (the Regulation) to operate their own recycling system with 100% extended producer responsibility (EPR). This means that MMBC is required to operate the full recycling supply chain and procure waste management services directly from collectors, transporters and processors. In order for MMBC to procure services on its members’ behalf, MMBC needs their commitment to pay their fair share of the costs of those services through the signing of the Membership Agreement.

By signing the Membership Agreement, stewards are committing to report their materials and pay the required fees for the management of those materials. MMBC is committed to the terms of the Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan (Stewardship Plan), which includes achieving recycling targets and providing accessibility of recycling services to consumers. The Membership Agreement also helps reduce possible disputes down the road by providing a clear framework for the partnership.

Main Elements of the Membership Agreement

The Membership Agreement outlines how we will work together to deliver against the program commitments in the approved stewardship program plan. It has five main aims:

  1. To spell out MMBC’s obligation to perform its duties as your stewardship agent and fulfill your obligations under the Regulation
  2. To make clear our joint reporting and disclosure obligations
  3. To provide an explanation on how we will compute fees
  4. To outline payment terms and conditions
  5. To detail the terms and conditions for contract termination

Dispute Resolution Process

Below is a link to our process to resolve any disputes between MMBC and its members in regards to the membership agreement.

Dispute Resolution Process