Reporting Deadline:

  • May  31, 2016

Voluntary Steward Registration Deadline:

  • December 31, 2015


The British Columbia (BC) Recycling Regulation (B.C. Reg. 449/2004 – the “Regulation”) under the Environmental Management Act requires that, as of May 2014, every producer of packaging and printed paper that supplies material into the BC residential marketplace must operate, or be a member of, an approved plan concerning the end-of-life management of their products.

BC Government Small Producer Definition and Regulatory Obligations for Franchise Systems

In May 2014, the MOE passed an amendment to its Recycling Regulation which obligates non-resident franchisors for the packaging and printed paper their franchisees supply into the BC residential marketplace. For further information click here for the BC government’s clarification paper regarding non-resident franchisors.

For more information, please refer to the National Guidebook to determine how to meet recycling obligations in British Columbia. MMBC welcomes new members at any time.

National Guidebook
MMBC Steward List

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) is currently the only agency with an approved plan by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) that fulfills the obligations set out in the Regulation on behalf of its members. To review our program plan, please visit the link below.

Stewardship Plan
Draft Definition of Producer

Businesses that did not submit a program plan for their packaging and printed paper, or that have not joined an organization that has submitted a plan on their behalf, can still take steps to be in compliance with the Regulation. To join MMBC, visit the link below to access our WeRecycle portal and sign-up now.

WeRecycle Registration & Reporting Portal

Membership Agreement

To become a member of MMBC’s program, stewards need to provide contact information on our WeRecycle portal, sign a Membership Agreement and submit reports that indicate the amounts of packaging and printed paper their organization supplies into the residential marketplace.

For more information about the Membership Agreement, click here.