PPP Stewardship Plan

MMBC’s residential packaging and printed paper recycling program, based on MMBC’s approved Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan (Stewardship Plan), emphasizes the following:

Serving BC

The Stewardship Plan describes how reasonable access to packaging and printed paper collection services will be provided to residential single and multi-family households and through local depots.

Expanding recycling

In addition to materials commonly included in residential curbside, multi-family, and depot recycling programs, MMBC accepts materials that previously were not commonly included, including milk cartons, aerosol containers, coffee cups, plastic foam packaging and more. For a full list of MMBC materials, click here.

Building our network

MMBC’s Stewardship Plan focuses on expanding the access to residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout BC. MMBC will review and look for opportunities to expand its collection network annually. Local governments, private haulers and non-profit organizations that collect recyclables that are interested in joining MMBC’s collection network can contact us for more information.

Focus on residential packaging and printed paper

MMBC’s residential packaging and printed paper recycling program excludes materials that are already included in deposit collection programs (for example, containers for all beverages except milk products) or materials included in other stewardship programs (for example tires, batteries), and packaging and printed paper from industrial, commercial or institutional sources. These materials are excluded because Schedule 5 of the Recycling Regulation only requires a plan for residential packaging and printed paper.

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