Prospective Collectors

MMBC’s mandate is to provide incentives to local governments, First Nations, private companies and non-profits to continue collecting packaging and printed paper under contract with MMBC.

Local governments providing residential packaging and printed paper or garbage curbside collection in November 2012 were initially offered a collection incentive to provide collection in May 2014. MMBC also offered a collection incentive to local governments and qualified private companies and non-profit organizations to provide collection of packaging and printed paper from multi-family buildings and to operate depots

MMBC’s collection system consists of collectors that executed agreements with MMBC by November 30, 2013 and respondents that were selected through a Request for Proposals.

MMBC’s Packaging and Printed Paper Stewardship Plan (Stewardship Plan) aims to create greater access to residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout BC. Each year, MMBC will look for opportunities to expand its collection network to better service BC residents.

All collectors are required to meet MMBC’s Collector Qualification Standards.

Sample Collection Contracts

The following are sample contracts that are customized for each local government, private company and non- profit organizations contracted under the MMBC program. They are provided for information only.

Collection where the curbside collection service is provided by a local government accepting the curbside collection incentive

Expansion of MMBC’s Collection System

Each year during development of its operations budget for the following year, MMBC will assess the performance of the packaging and printed paper collection system in relation to the recovery target and accessibility performance objectives set out in the Stewardship Plan. Based on this assessment, MMBC may seek to add collectors to the MMBC collection system as required to deliver the recovery target and accessibility performance objectives. Assessment of expansion of MMBC’s collection system would include, without limitation, taking into consideration:

Collectors that have expressed an interest in joining MMBC’s collection system and that are able to:

  • Deliver collection services in areas identified as having insufficient collection service to meet accessibility performance objectives;
  • Contribute to MMBC achieving its recovery target; and
  • Contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of MMBC’s collection system;
  • The ability to modify post-collection service provider agreements to add new collectors and more tonnes of packaging and printed paper; and
  • The timeline to execute agreements with collectors prior to finalizing MMBC’s operating budget for the following program year.

Organizations that are interested in joining MMBC’s collection network should contact:

Jordan Best
Manager, Collection