Annual Reports

MMBC continued to provide reliable and convenient packaging and printed paper recycling services throughout 2015 – MMBC’s first full year of operation. In the report you’ll read about our successful partnerships, new recycling initiatives, program performance and financial stability.

MMBC 2015 Annual Report2015 Key Highlights:

  • Over 186,000 tonnes of packaging and printed paper was collected
  • 24 new depots were added
  • An additional 15,000 households received curbside or multi-family services
  • 1.7 million BC households and 151 communities enjoyed access to MMBC services
  • A series of streetscape pilot projects were initiated to explore feasibility of recycling in the public realm – a commitment made in MMBC Program Plan
  • Long-term program stability promoted with the achievement of MMBC’s reserve fund target
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